Friday, September 12, 2008

Some new stuff for home

Ordered a rug. Finally got it and think I like it. But now not sure if I like our couch. May have to do some looking around for a new couch ... lol One of these days will change the blasted blue carpet that's in the entire house. Don't like it at all. Blue isn't exactly my favorite color except for blue jeans ... haha

Found a rooster at Safeway the other day. Sure did remind me of when sister and I were growing up and how one of Daddy's roosters ran after her, she fell and the rooster pecked her to tears. So just had to buy the bird.

Yesterday went with my friend Eddie to pick her husband up after he docked his boat. While there visited the peacock pen and we gathered some feathers from around it. Small and medium ones. I proudly and gingerly were carrying them back to the van. Owner of the place saw them, said he had some large ones and went in his house and got some for me. This is what I did with them. Looks pretty nifty down the hallway.