Friday, October 24, 2008

Another check book cover and ...

Couldn't post this picture earlier in case my sister visited the blog. Didn't want her seeing what she was getting in the mail that she didn't know about ... lol Well, it got delivered to her today so now can post the picture. She called to let me know she got a surprise today. Know the post office said she would get it either today or tomorrow. Glad she got it today, though. She seemed to be thrilled with it. It would have gotten to her a lot sooner but when I finished it and put it in envelope Jimbo came down sick so couldn't ask him to mail it for me. Had to wait until he felt better. Better late than never ... haha

After finishing that and still in sewing mode I went to work on a table runner for my friend Eddie. It's a "quilt as you go" pattern from G. E. Designs called Madison Square. Since Halloween is just around the bend did it with Halloween fabric. Finished putting the binding on last night and took it to work with me today. At an appropriate morning hour called her from work and asked if she was coming to the store ... lol Am sure that peaked her interest. The front ain't all that bad but man, I managed to get a dang pucker on the back side. Didn't even notice the boo-boo until putting the binding on. Oh, well, back side is suppose to always be down and out of sight ... lmao!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sewing some more

Well ... I finally did it! Bought a check book cover pattern at Joann's Monday after playing (and losing) at bingo. It said it was a one hour pattern. Yeah, right, sure. Perhaps if I made a 1,000 of them then I could get it down to close to the allotted time. Anyhow, I started on it. Quit when I came upon one of the steps. Had to write to a yahoo quilt group to ask about fusible web, duh is me. Tuesday started again on it, that is after playing bingo (I won! $75 bear ... hot doggies) and grocery shopping and all. With the acquired knowledge from the group I went in search of the Steam a Seam I just knew I had. That took about 1/2 hour to find! Grrrr It was getting late, but had all done except the binding. This morning, Wednesday, I got it done, done, done. Am I going to make another? Not sure at the moment ... lmao! Even though I was having so much trouble with the blasted little thing it was still fun to make it, I must admit.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Going Green ...

Recently started "going green". Bought some cloth bags from Wal-Mart and been using them. Now since buying those bags have paid attention to other stores having their own. I, for one, am not going to buy a bag from each and every store. Went to Safeway with Wal-mart bag ... lol Hey, there you get 3 cents off your purchase for using your own bags (a bag costs 99 cents, so 33 times going to Safeway will buy one bag ... haha). Not sure if I was frowned upon for using "another" stores bag but got to thinking about it. Had some orphan blocks scattered around here so got a few out and sewed them to front of the bags. Now no one will know what store they came from. TA DA ... problem solved. 1. Used up the orphan blocks. 2. Hid the identity of what store the bag was bought from.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Carol Doak has started a new BOM ...

And I am doing this one. Did one or two blocks from her last Block Of The Month and then gave up. This one I am hoping (fingers crossed) to do each month. Life, work (blah) and everything else seems to get in my way of sewing a lot of the time. Okay, yeah, I know, spend way too much time at the bingo hall or on the computer or ... or ... or