Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am still around :)

I haven't posted since ... FOREVER. Was doing pretty well then my sis got sick and sent to hospital towards the end of February and almost lost her. Put a damper on being creative. Couldn't let her outdo me. I came down sick in May, fought it for nearly 2 weeks then went to see a doctor. That turkey called an ambulance and sent my fat unhappy butt to hospital for a few days. Was away from work for 3 weeks. Had pneumonia which was bad on me since they found out I also have mild emphysema. Hospital, tests, scans, doctor visits. I'll be poor for awhile since insurance doesn't cover everything. Bah hum bug. Oh, have to mention, the lung specialist that came to see me got my heart to pumping ... haha Haven't had that happen since Dr. Kildare (remember him? lol lol lol)

Anyhow ... had some good in my life. Belong to a yahoo quilt group (one of many ... haha). This lady posted a picture of her son and guess what!? He is a customer that comes in store where I work! Small world. Patty came to Washington to be with her sons new wife for a few weeks while he had to go away on business. We have gotten together and have had a blast!!! She leaves tomorrow to go back home. I am going to miss her horribly. She has been quilting since 1977 and is a wealth of quilting information! Did get hubby to take a picture of us together ... lol Patty is a total blast to get together with.