Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another year has gone by!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Man, I don't keep this blog up to date, do I? LOL New Year's resolution is to do just that. To blog more.
Christmas was a nice one. Santa was very good to me. Left a Janome Horizon 7700 under the tree! Yee haw Haven't really had a chance to see what this baby can do but then again still early in the year and will have to find the time to play with it. It does look nice and I sure do like the thread cutter button on it. That will come in handy for paper piecing ... lol Don't look at date on picture. Camera year is off :( Will set that next time I snap a picture if I think about it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Been over a year!!!

Been over a year since I've posted! Time flies, eh?

Yep, haven't really done much. But I did make a pillowcase for a friend who will be sleeping in her new home tomorrow night. First time every making one. Went by a tutorial I saw online. Very quick, very easy. Now I want to make more, more and more of them ... lol

Felt good to be at the sewing machine once more. Will have to make friends with it all over again. Do love the SewEZi table I got back in September. The one I've been wanting for over 2 years.

Off I get. Getting late and have to work tomorrow. Seahawks game Sunday. Go Hawks!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

been procrastinating ... as always

Have the top done, been done ... lol Even added a small black inner border to it. Problem, don't have enough of the red that's long enough to go from top to bottom on the sides. Thinking of what to put in the four corners to help with this matter. Do like the quilt top, though. Will think on it a little longer, I guess.
Started another mystery. Did the 8 appliqued hearts that it calls for. Not sure if applique is my "bag" ... haha Went searching for the longest time on the net, knew dang well I had been to a blog or site or something that showed how to set up your Bernina machine for appliqueing. Found it, tried it, it worked. Didn't have the DMC machine embroidery thread they mentioned so just used the Sulky thread that I had on hand. Ann Sutton
sure does do a beautiful job at it!!! May have to get some of that DMC if I want to applique in the future ... lol That will remain to be seen.
Having camera issues. Don't know what I did to the blasted contraption but it doesn't want to take as good a picture as I think it will or have done in the past. Will tinker with it some more and cuss it out even more.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010 y'all !!!

Would have, could have, should have said this earlier but have been busy with work and sewing ... lol So Happy belated 2010!!! May it be as good as (if your last year was a good one) or better than (if your last year was as bad as mine). Onward, forward, don't look back. May you do better than me at keeping any resolutions that you have made ... haha

Been sewing on Ann Smith's mystery every chance I've gotten the last couple of days. Need sewing machine at work. Was naturally and understandably slow few days after NYE. Kept busy stocking this and that, though. Was so far ahead of myself Saturday felt like I didn't need to come in Sunday ... lmdao!!!

Have all the clues sewn on the mystery. Now to get it all put together :) :) :) Been having fun and so far every thing seems to be lining up. Rarity for me, let me tell you!!!! Must be getting better at sewing in my old age ... hahaha

Pics below :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Starting another mystery

This mystery starts tomorrow but I won't be able to sew on it until after work. Did just finish up the pre-sewing of the mystery. Doing the lap/twin size that calls for 288 2½" HST's! Ouch. But they are finally all cut, sewn, ironed and squared up ... whew. Here are the fabrics I got at Joann's for the mystery. The lady was just putting out Valentine fabric and I fell in love with the doggie material! So went a searching for others that might go with this focal material ... lol lol lol Found some dog bones, some paw prints, some dalmation like dotted, and a gorgeous, to die for black!

Here's a picture of all those tiny HST's. If I wanted to turn this into a full/queen size then it would require 300 more of these!!! Think I will stick with the lap/twin. 288 is enough for me, can't imagine doing 588 of them!!! Oh, the pic got a portion of the 8½" X 24" Omnigrid, non slip ruler I got for Christmas. Am going to enjoy this ruler! Green in color. Will have to get used to that since all the other rulers I have are either a yellowish or clearish color.

Side note on Bonnie's mystery: Was working on it, my litte Blossom came down sick and with vet, surgery, hospital stay ($2,500 in all) I kind of lost interest. She is doing well now. Know she is 10 years old and that was a lot of money (at least for poor old working fool like me) but want her around for as long as the Good Lord lets me. Did do some on the mystery, though. Quite a bit actually, but I peeked ahead, shame on me! Bonnie does some fantastic patterns, but, this one didn't really suit me. Either that or the colors I picked just didn't work out well. Soooooooo ... will just wait until she posts another mystery ... ha

Later on update ... lol Just finished cutting out the rest of the clues for the mystery tomorrow. Hoping this will turn out pretty neat. The designer is Ann Smith. She has some nice patterns from what I've seen. Her last one I saved. Never got around to it yet. Still kind of picking out fabrics for it. Have the focus fabric but not all the other to go with it.
Okay, off I go. Work tomorrow so have to get up early. Will certainly start sewing when I get home!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Starting Bonnie's mystery

Here's the fabric I picked out for Bonnie's new mystery, Carolina Christmas. Started the day after Thanksgiving. Clue 2 is up and I still haven't finished with clue 1 ... lol Drat work, gets in my way of having sewing fun at home. Oh, Thanksgiving day hub complained about the tons of unwashed material on top of dryer. Said for me not to buy any more until I could find a place for what I have or to use some of it up. After a serious "silence" time and after smoothing my ruffled feathers I guess you can say I agree with him. There is way too much here in this tiny trailer. My goal for 2010 is to use up what I have. Okay, some purchases along the way, going to buy white with small print and cream with small print. This way sooner or later I will have some to put in one of Bonnie's mysteries. Gives the quilt some depth and it looks P U R T Y ... hahaha Oh, and still have to buy some batiks here and there and still keep buying for my pinks collection that I've been working on for some years. One day going to do a pink and brown quilt! UMMM ... since I have to buy this and that, does this mean I will have less of a stash? (EG) :) :) :)
Will post pic of clue 1 when and if I get it all done.

Oh! And next month will be doing an Ann Smith mystery. This is what got me in trouble. Saw a pretty damn cute Valentine doggie and cat fabric at Joann's and had to get it, plus had to look around for some fabrics that went with it that will go in the mystery. AND then saw some bird fabric that I grabbed and growled over. Oh and then at the check out line a magazine caught my eyeballs. Geeeeeezzzzzz Louise, keep me out of Joann's!!! Especially when I don't have a blasted coupon with me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Mini from He** is done ...

Finished this Carol Doak mini late last night. FINALLY. Anything and everything that could go wrong ... DID. It was Sept. 4th when she posted the challenge. Liked the looks of it so went to Joann's and got some of the fabrics I didn't have in stash. I have cussed at and pushed this mini aside quite a few times, let me tell you! At least it is done. Think I will "birth" it, that is when I find out how to birth one. Don't care for my choice of colors or fabrics, so don't want to spend too much time in getting it completely done.