Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snowed ........

Last night it snowed here ... brrrrrr and grrrrrrr ... was cold and slippery early this morning. Thank goodness Jim is still on vacation so I didn't have to walk to work ... LOL Took some pictures while at work. Crud, the one of the store with lights on didn't come out so well but you can get a glimpse of what it looks like.

While still with camera took a few pictures of the inside of the little store. This one is looking out from behind the register.

To the right of the register ...

And now standing away from the counter looking in from the doorway ...

Later in the morning thought of taking a few as I stand at the door looking out down the street ...

Then I thought to take a picture of the houses close to the store and just as I was doing that a car pulled in the driveway blocking my view ... lol Never did get a chance again to snap any more pictures so all of these will have to do. Bring back old memories Karlene and Linda? hugs, love you both and miss you at the store!

Tonight ...

Almost 10pm ... finished with a table runner that I've been working on for my friend Eddie ... and NO thanks to the damn sewing machine. Every 10 minutes the monitor on it went partially blank and it stopped sewing!!! And here I thought for a fleeting moment that the blasted contraption and I could bond. Yeah, right, sure. I want a PFAFF!!!! Bah hum bug on this Bernina.

Any how after shutting off and turning back on, got the table runner done. Friend will get it either tomorrow or Tuesday. She's been asking my why I haven't finished with the mystery. Couldn't tell her I stopped that to make her something ... lol Guess I'll get back to the mystery now. IF the good for nothing machine co-operates. Call to dealer seems to be on my agenda rather I want it to or not.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Up late ...

Been sewing and surfing and emailing. Did sew a Carol Doak ornament pattern. That was fun. Wish I had more time to do more of them. Perhaps next year. Surfed around looking for something but never found it. Guess I could have done another ornament for the time it took me to surf ... haha Emailed two different companies. One owes me for returning an order that was not meant for me in the first place. I had to pay $9.28 to ship it to them! The other one owes me a magazine or either give me back the 2 yr. subscription I paid for. Paid $29.97 for the subscription and I have yet to see any magazine in the mail box. I ain't made of money. I will sandblast their name/names on here if I don't hear anything from them. I have been patient. Am talking about since Oct. that they've owed me!

Picture of the Carol Doak ornament/gift tag. Turned mine into a gift tag.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December already!

2nd day of vacation and where in the world did November go, for that matter where did all the months of 2008? Man, I must be getting old and time slipping by. Still working on the mystery block.

Have been searching on the net. Table I have been wanting for a L O N G time is getting closer, I think ... lol Called them today but no one was in. Will try again tomorrow. It's the SewEZi ! I've read nothing but great reviews on this table. So am thinking that all those people can't be wrong. Don't have a clue as to what I will do with the sewing table I have. Not enough room in here to have both and not enough room in rest of home to put it. It's been a good table all these years, just my wants have changed and I no longer want the sewing machine to sit on top of table. Perhaps will put a sign up at store and see if anyone cares for it.

That's about it for this writing. May be back later on today. Have left over turkey in crock pot cooking away to make a stew from it. Have the pups food cooking, also. Guess I better head back to the kitchen and see what else is needing to be done in there ... haha
Back again ... nearly 9pm ... pups have been fed, dishes washed, some laundry done ... and most of all ... living room Christmas tree is up and decorated!!! Got a picture of it, bah hum bug, didn't get a nice one taken. Maybe too dark in there or something, or either it's hard to get a good picture of a WHITE tree ... lol lol lol Pretty in real life, though.