Tuesday, January 12, 2010

been procrastinating ... as always

Have the top done, been done ... lol Even added a small black inner border to it. Problem, don't have enough of the red that's long enough to go from top to bottom on the sides. Thinking of what to put in the four corners to help with this matter. Do like the quilt top, though. Will think on it a little longer, I guess.
Started another mystery. Did the 8 appliqued hearts that it calls for. Not sure if applique is my "bag" ... haha Went searching for the longest time on the net, knew dang well I had been to a blog or site or something that showed how to set up your Bernina machine for appliqueing. Found it, tried it, it worked. Didn't have the DMC machine embroidery thread they mentioned so just used the Sulky thread that I had on hand. Ann Sutton
sure does do a beautiful job at it!!! May have to get some of that DMC if I want to applique in the future ... lol That will remain to be seen.
Having camera issues. Don't know what I did to the blasted contraption but it doesn't want to take as good a picture as I think it will or have done in the past. Will tinker with it some more and cuss it out even more.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010 y'all !!!

Would have, could have, should have said this earlier but have been busy with work and sewing ... lol So Happy belated 2010!!! May it be as good as (if your last year was a good one) or better than (if your last year was as bad as mine). Onward, forward, don't look back. May you do better than me at keeping any resolutions that you have made ... haha

Been sewing on Ann Smith's mystery every chance I've gotten the last couple of days. Need sewing machine at work. Was naturally and understandably slow few days after NYE. Kept busy stocking this and that, though. Was so far ahead of myself Saturday felt like I didn't need to come in Sunday ... lmdao!!!

Have all the clues sewn on the mystery. Now to get it all put together :) :) :) Been having fun and so far every thing seems to be lining up. Rarity for me, let me tell you!!!! Must be getting better at sewing in my old age ... hahaha

Pics below :)