Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 2 continued ... :)

Can't believe it ... already finished with section E and F!!! This day is good, getting on in the evening, but this day is good ... haha Pups food has been cooked and I even have a load of washing in the washer.

Not sure of my fern colors. Seems pale and hardly noticeable against that darn sky fabric. Oh, well, onward and upward. I sure ain't a gonna do over again.

Back to sewing I goooooooooo

9:19pm ... it's all done! WOW ... amazed myself. Now to see what kind of border I can come up with for it. Really enjoyed doing this mystery. Perhaps not my fabric choices.

Shopping for some batiks next week!!! lmao!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paper Piecing

Working on Paper Panache mystery #52. If you are doing it and haven't gotten to the point where you know what it is, don't look at my picture ... hahaha Downloaded the pattern late last night, colored it in to find out what it was going to be and when I saw that it was a flamingo decided to work on it. Like those long legged birdies. And pink seems to be my "new" color right now for some odd reason. Getting old and tastes change, I suppose. But I still love my browns! And just bought 4 yards of some at Wal-mart yesterday. If and when I finish this bird am hoping to start on one of Cindy Carter's patterns called Scrappy Fall Leaves. Check out her site. She is very talented and comes up with some great free patterns!!!

Off I get. Need to work some more on pinkie bird ... lol lol lol
Day 2 ... just finished doing sections C and D and adding it to sections A and B that I did last night. Progress! lol Funny looking flamingo but at least I'm working on it. Think I'm going to start buying batiks. See an awful lot of people using them and they sure can make for a great quilt. Now just watch me buy the wrong kinds when I do. This old gal has weird tastes when it comes to fabric that attracks her ... haha But I really do think batiks are the way to go. Will start out like I did years ago when I got into quilting, fat quarter here and there and work my way up to ½ yard and then into yards of it.
Back to sewing. See how much more of this I can get done.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I got in the mail today!!!

Oh, heck, long day at work today. Was tired as all get out. Didn't have to walk home, though, boss man gave me a ride! I checked the mailbox and then went inside to greedily open two packages my sister sent me (all thoughts of being tired went out of head and body quickly!). Both packages contained some counted cross stitch pictures I had done YEARS ago. And in one of the package sis had sent me a birthday card with some $$$money$$$ wrapped up in a "bee-U-tee-full" antique hankie. I immediately called her, wanted to speak with her and thank her for what she did before I bawled like a baby. Which I promptly did after we finished talking ... haha
Anyhow, these pictures all need to be washed. Filthy! Each were in a frame, but she took them out so that it wouldn't cost a small fortune to send me. Some of the glass had been broken in a few and some of the frames scratched. I can frame them again, no biggie. Am mulling around the idea of adding a patchwork border on each and sandwiching them. Soft framing ... lol That way if they get dirty again they can go in washer. And if need to move from here to wherever they won't weigh a ton, be breakable and cost oddles of dollars to send. All of these were done back in my still young eyes days. The girl with her arm resting on her knee was done in 1987. The girl in blue dress holding hat was done in 1988. LONG time ago!
Now will get back to my silly tears and put my thinking hat on ... lmdao!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last night ... whaaaaaaa

Was working on a Carol Doak holiday mini last night. Just having one grand old time. Itty bitty pieces so far. 16 of the 4½" blocks that is required. Started ironing what I had added on to all the blocks. 3rd block from the last my iron spit ... NO ... let me rephrase that ... the damn iron vomited all over the block!!!!!!! I went into a temper tanrum!!! It ain't the first time over ... ummm ... 6 years? ... that this confounded, stupid, idiotic, blasted contraption has done this to me. LAST STRAW!!! I cussed, I fussed, I wept and cussed some more. NEVER again will I buy a Proctor Silex iron. Why have I put up with it all these years? Because I'm a confounded, stupid, idiotic, blasted human. And cheap one too ... haha Just look at what it did to the poor little defensless block, the muslin sheet and the ironing board cover!

Here is the GREMLIN. Named after those cute little critters ... that is until you gave them WATER.
Went shopping today after playing bingo. Got this new Shark iron at Wally world. Am hoping it will not have to be named Gremlin2. Time will tell ... haha

Have turned it on so far, not used it, just waiting to see if it shuts off or I have to unplug it after every use. Keeping fingers crossed that it will turn out to be a fairly good iron!!!