Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 2 continued ... :)

Can't believe it ... already finished with section E and F!!! This day is good, getting on in the evening, but this day is good ... haha Pups food has been cooked and I even have a load of washing in the washer.

Not sure of my fern colors. Seems pale and hardly noticeable against that darn sky fabric. Oh, well, onward and upward. I sure ain't a gonna do over again.

Back to sewing I goooooooooo

9:19pm ... it's all done! WOW ... amazed myself. Now to see what kind of border I can come up with for it. Really enjoyed doing this mystery. Perhaps not my fabric choices.

Shopping for some batiks next week!!! lmao!!!


SubeeSews said...

Beautiful work. I used to do lots of paper piecing until I fell under Bonnie Hunter's spell at
I was doing bird houses and cats and tiny trees.
And your fern colors are perfect. Afterall the Flamingo is the object!!!!!
XOXO Subee

carterquilter said...

What a fun and colorful paper pieced project.

You did an awesome job.

Happy New Year 2010.

Cindy Carter
Quilt Patterns from Seattle

Bella said...

Fantastic flamingo!!!!!

(Spicey Karen)