Sunday, January 27, 2008

teeny tiny messy sewing room

Figured while I was snapping a picture of the half sewn center of Bonnie's mystery quilt I would keep going and take a few pictures of my computer/sewing room combo. It's a mess but that is the normal state in this room of the house. Took the door off the closet and put the computer desk in there. Took door off going into the room to put stash cabinet in that little spot. Making do with this little room.

Half of center sewn

Little while ago finished sewing together half of the center ... woohoo This quilt is going to be bigger than what I thought ... lol Bonnie said 80x80 and guess I didn't comprehend what that meant. Still not sure how I'm ever going to quilt this! Would like to have a long armer do it but they will probably throw me out the door with all the bumps and lumps I have in it so far. Think next quilt I do am going to press open all the seams! Someone in the group said they are going to tie theirs. Never tied one before, but sure am thinking something similar to that, like tack it here and there with pretty buttons or ribbon ... or or or ... hahaha I will come up with something. This is NOT going to be a UFO. Went looking for some dark blue fabric. Think I have enough of it to make the inner border. Next time I go to store am going to buy the entire bolt (or whatever they have left on it) of that fabric! It's the blue fabric that you can see on the ironing board. And can you tell I am running out of space on my itty bitty "design" wall?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another sewing off and on day today. Started step 7 and got some of the "round" blocks done, then just had to start putting some of the mystery together on my design wall to see how it will look. It'll pass ... lol Now to find someone who likes blue! And it doesn't look like I have even made a dent in my blue stash. Darn.

Bonnie said something about a mystery in April. Thinking this one will be a blue quilt, too. I just will never know how I obtained so much blue when it's not my favorite color to begin with. A lot of it is Jenny Beyer fat quarters so thinking that is where it all came from. Haven't figured out how to quilt this or what border will go with it. That will come in time, I suppose. I know I don't have anything in stash that will do the trick. More shopping ... yahooooo Oh, it appears my "round" blocks are outshining the stars in this quilt so am contemplating on calling the quilt: Going Round and Round on Carolina Crossroads.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rotary mat and wolf fabric

Did pretty good at shopping today. Got a pretty fabric from Walmart that may go with some horse fabric that I got for Christmas. And then at Joann's got 1 yard of white and 1/2 yard of pink fabric. Trying to build up my stash in both of these colors. And then .... I got a rotating mat!!! Been wanting one for a very long time. Used 40% coupon since the blasted thing was $36.99 in the store. Mat should come in handy with paper piecing and also this companion angle ruler that I've been using with Bonnie's mystery. Sure wish I had had it about 2 weeks sooner.

Also got some of the prettiest wolf fabric I have seen in some time. Got the last that was left on the bolt. About 1 3/4 yards of it. Jimbo said he would stop at the Joann's in Everett on his way home Thursday night to see if that store had any of it. He liked the material, too.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Step 6 is finished ... yahooooooo

Finally, finally and finally ... lol ... I have completed step 6 of Bonnie's mystery. Got up mighty early and started sewing away. There is now 16 Ohio blocks finished, 16 half star blocks and 4 quarter star blocks done. Whew. Think I need to change my name to RIPPIT ... sure have done a lot of frog stitching today! But that's okay, too. Learning as I go along and that is always a good thing.

Now I think I will take a small break and then see how much of step 7 I can get done before bedtime ... hahaha Really have enjoyed today. Jimbo wasn't as happy I don't think because we usually go play bingo Mon. mornings, drink the free coffee and lose our alloted money. There is always tomorrow morning, though.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Step 5 completed

Got step 5 out of the way. Whew. For some reason these went slower than the 9 patches for me. This picture is off centered. Went to take another pic and the batteries in the camera died. They are now being recharged. The ruler that Bonnie said to make these hourglass blocks are in the middle of the 100 blocks here. Like this new ruler. Now onward and forward to step 6! Bonnie posted step 7 (the final step in this mystery) already but am trying NOT to look at it ... lol lol lol

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yeehaw ... step 4 is done

I did it! Got step 4 of the mystery done. Yes, I know, I'm behind since step 6 has already been posted ... lol Step 5 should be interesting, get to use a ruler I haven't used before! Bonnie suggested the Companion Angle so went to Joann's and got one.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Step 3 finally done

Finally managed to get step 3 of Bonnie's mystery finished. Now on to step 4 ... lol

Don't know if I'll ever be able to catch up to the rest of the folks working on this quilt.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Step 2 of the mystery. 100 9-patch blocks! Whew, they are small but got to say I enjoyed putting them together! Mostly been a paper piecer and doing a quilt the "normal" way isn't as bad as I thought.

Bonnie Hunter's mystery Carolina Crossroads

Step 1 of Bonnie's mystery quilt. Had a blast making these! My rendition of the Carolina Crossroads will be scrappy in green/blue, pink and white/cream.

New Year ... time for new things

I've gone and taken the plunge. I've created a blog! lol Hope to use this spot for all my quilting stuff, be it spur of the moment blocks, tops or completed quilts and such. Joined a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt group at and a lot of ladies there have blogs so I thought I would try my hand at one. The mystery so far is FUN!!! We are all doing it as Bonnie does hers. Makes one feel like a tester! Okay, must admit, not a great sewer (still learning all the aspects of quilting) so hoping to be able to hide all my bad parts when it comes to showing the finished project! Have 3 Chihuahuas and if I have to will plop each one on the bad parts of the quilt and command them to "SIT" until picture is taken.