Sunday, January 27, 2008

Half of center sewn

Little while ago finished sewing together half of the center ... woohoo This quilt is going to be bigger than what I thought ... lol Bonnie said 80x80 and guess I didn't comprehend what that meant. Still not sure how I'm ever going to quilt this! Would like to have a long armer do it but they will probably throw me out the door with all the bumps and lumps I have in it so far. Think next quilt I do am going to press open all the seams! Someone in the group said they are going to tie theirs. Never tied one before, but sure am thinking something similar to that, like tack it here and there with pretty buttons or ribbon ... or or or ... hahaha I will come up with something. This is NOT going to be a UFO. Went looking for some dark blue fabric. Think I have enough of it to make the inner border. Next time I go to store am going to buy the entire bolt (or whatever they have left on it) of that fabric! It's the blue fabric that you can see on the ironing board. And can you tell I am running out of space on my itty bitty "design" wall?

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