Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another sewing off and on day today. Started step 7 and got some of the "round" blocks done, then just had to start putting some of the mystery together on my design wall to see how it will look. It'll pass ... lol Now to find someone who likes blue! And it doesn't look like I have even made a dent in my blue stash. Darn.

Bonnie said something about a mystery in April. Thinking this one will be a blue quilt, too. I just will never know how I obtained so much blue when it's not my favorite color to begin with. A lot of it is Jenny Beyer fat quarters so thinking that is where it all came from. Haven't figured out how to quilt this or what border will go with it. That will come in time, I suppose. I know I don't have anything in stash that will do the trick. More shopping ... yahooooo Oh, it appears my "round" blocks are outshining the stars in this quilt so am contemplating on calling the quilt: Going Round and Round on Carolina Crossroads.

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