Sunday, November 29, 2009

Starting Bonnie's mystery

Here's the fabric I picked out for Bonnie's new mystery, Carolina Christmas. Started the day after Thanksgiving. Clue 2 is up and I still haven't finished with clue 1 ... lol Drat work, gets in my way of having sewing fun at home. Oh, Thanksgiving day hub complained about the tons of unwashed material on top of dryer. Said for me not to buy any more until I could find a place for what I have or to use some of it up. After a serious "silence" time and after smoothing my ruffled feathers I guess you can say I agree with him. There is way too much here in this tiny trailer. My goal for 2010 is to use up what I have. Okay, some purchases along the way, going to buy white with small print and cream with small print. This way sooner or later I will have some to put in one of Bonnie's mysteries. Gives the quilt some depth and it looks P U R T Y ... hahaha Oh, and still have to buy some batiks here and there and still keep buying for my pinks collection that I've been working on for some years. One day going to do a pink and brown quilt! UMMM ... since I have to buy this and that, does this mean I will have less of a stash? (EG) :) :) :)
Will post pic of clue 1 when and if I get it all done.

Oh! And next month will be doing an Ann Smith mystery. This is what got me in trouble. Saw a pretty damn cute Valentine doggie and cat fabric at Joann's and had to get it, plus had to look around for some fabrics that went with it that will go in the mystery. AND then saw some bird fabric that I grabbed and growled over. Oh and then at the check out line a magazine caught my eyeballs. Geeeeeezzzzzz Louise, keep me out of Joann's!!! Especially when I don't have a blasted coupon with me.