Saturday, December 6, 2008

Up late ...

Been sewing and surfing and emailing. Did sew a Carol Doak ornament pattern. That was fun. Wish I had more time to do more of them. Perhaps next year. Surfed around looking for something but never found it. Guess I could have done another ornament for the time it took me to surf ... haha Emailed two different companies. One owes me for returning an order that was not meant for me in the first place. I had to pay $9.28 to ship it to them! The other one owes me a magazine or either give me back the 2 yr. subscription I paid for. Paid $29.97 for the subscription and I have yet to see any magazine in the mail box. I ain't made of money. I will sandblast their name/names on here if I don't hear anything from them. I have been patient. Am talking about since Oct. that they've owed me!

Picture of the Carol Doak ornament/gift tag. Turned mine into a gift tag.

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