Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sewing some more

Well ... I finally did it! Bought a check book cover pattern at Joann's Monday after playing (and losing) at bingo. It said it was a one hour pattern. Yeah, right, sure. Perhaps if I made a 1,000 of them then I could get it down to close to the allotted time. Anyhow, I started on it. Quit when I came upon one of the steps. Had to write to a yahoo quilt group to ask about fusible web, duh is me. Tuesday started again on it, that is after playing bingo (I won! $75 bear ... hot doggies) and grocery shopping and all. With the acquired knowledge from the group I went in search of the Steam a Seam I just knew I had. That took about 1/2 hour to find! Grrrr It was getting late, but had all done except the binding. This morning, Wednesday, I got it done, done, done. Am I going to make another? Not sure at the moment ... lmao! Even though I was having so much trouble with the blasted little thing it was still fun to make it, I must admit.

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