Monday, January 12, 2009

Got a peg board in sewing room!

Today Jimbo put up a peg board for me in the sewing room. Already full ... lol Think I need some more positioned around this room. WOW ... can't believe how much stuff I have. At least this part of it is off the cutting table! Now I won't have to spend time looking for this or that ruler. Am tickled with it. And a lot of thanks goes to the ladies at CyberQuilters! I had asked about the board and many of them replied. Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart. Here's a picture of it. Was off a broken sheet of peg board and it is a little dirty in spots. Paint will take care of that. Will do it when weather is nicer outside. Like a couple of more months ... lol lol lol

Still working on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. Finished up step 2 the other night. Went to Joann's today and got some more reds for it. And also looked for a 3½" square ruler. NOPE, they were all out! Grrrrrrrrrrr But did pick up some Fons&Porter directional arrow pins. They should come in handy enough.

Step 1 of the mystery. Had to do 120 square in square blocks. It was a struggle at first. Am used to paper piecing this kind of block. But I am wanting to learn more on how to do machine piecing so labored away at these blocks. Was to use the Easy Angle ruler to cut the triangles. Well, I couldn't find the blasted ruler so gave up looking and cut them the regular way. Made life twice as hard for me as I was later to find out. Not only did I have to make a crease ½ way to lay the first 2 side triangles had to make it again with the last 2 triangles. Now I can find that ruler and any other I have thanks to that peg board ... hahaha

Step 2 of the mystery. Same as step one (another 120 blocks) but with gold/cheddar center and all the triangles are done in same color. By this time I had finally found the elusive Easy Angle. Wow ... blocks went so much faster!!! Squaring up in 1 and 2 I had to do my way with the Omnigrid ruler. Bonnie said to sqaure them up with the Easy Square, Jr. I tried but never got the hang of it. I sure do use the Jr. though to square up ½ square triangle blocks! Wouldn't know what to do without it when making those blocks.

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Marie said...

Maryann I noticed that your peg board was flush to the wall. How do you put in the little pegs to hold your stuff onto the board????