Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Belated New Year!!!

Time has gotten out of hand. Way behind in posting. Whew, glad the holidays are over!!! Christmas was okay. Had to work, though. So got up EARLY to open gifts before heading off to the job. Got 5 quilt books (which I ordered or bought way before Christmas ... lol ... but didn't look inside). 3 Judy Martin books - 1. Cookies 'n' Quilts, 2. The Creative Pattern Book and 3. Scraps.

Then the other 2 are Woven Quilts by Anna Faustino and A New Twist on Strips 'n Curves by Louisa L. Smith.

Also got a new digital camera which I took the pictures of the books and you can see I still need to learn how to use this new camera ... haha Had the old one for so long and this new one is more complicated. At my age complicated isn't fair.

Oh! And the last day of December a Sew and Vac place was having a gigantic sale on some sewing machines. Guess what I got!?!?! A PAFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not all that fancy of one, but one that should last for some time. It's a Quilt Expression 2046. Been doing some sewing on it. Working on a Bonnie Hunter's New Year mystery quilt called Double Delight. So ........ will be doing LOTS of blocks with the machine ... haha

And I also got some thread and needles while at the sewing place.

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sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, I'm jealous of your new Pfaff. I love the Pfaff I have and have been having sneaky, crazy thoughts of getting a new one. Could I ask much that was?