Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Step 3 started but long ways of being finished ...

Step 3 of mystery: Make 130 9-patches ... ouch! Got 20 of them done today ... hahaha Slow going for me, not good at these blocks. Am pressing seams open so perhaps that slows me down a tad, too. Not sure how many more I will get done before bedtime. But I will "git er done" eventually. 130 of these are a LOT. Let me see, this is Jan., come back in late Feb. and they may be completed ... lol lol lol Bonnie used pink in her quilt (I haven't peeked at the quilt!) according to the fabric requirements. I have some pinks but oodles of red that I would like to use up. Then I could go out and buy more newer reds ... lmao!
Oh, someone asked about the peg board. Said it looked flush to the wall. It isn't. There are ½" spacers (they look like a drinking straw was cut up into pieces) in the back on each screw that helps bring it out from the wall thus allowing you to put in the hooks. It did the trick. Love that peg board!!!
Past time to feed the "pups" so off I get from here to feed them and then maybe do some more 9 patches. Don't think I will get many done tomorrow. Christmas tree and stuff comes down. I leave it up until the 13th for my brother Charles who passed away on this day six years ago. He sure did love Christmas. And I used to be nearly a fanatic about having the tree down before the new year rolled in. Habits can change due to life. Miss you Charles. Love you forever.

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