Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Got the top done!!!

I ain't ever done a top in 2 days from start to finish!!! New year, new sewing machine and wow look at me go ... hahaha It is a simple pattern but even simple is complicated to me at times. Now to see how long it takes me to quilt and bind it and possible embellish it a little ... lol lol lol That is a horse of a different color. This banner top is roughly 28" x 42". Take a look see at it ... lol
Already thinking of doing one done up in pink? Purple? Oh, and yes, even my not so favorite color Blue that I seem to have plenty of for not liking the blasted color. Day dreaming. Pinch me and I might wake up and decide just to stick with the one I've done and forget about doing any more this year ... lmao!
Besides, other holidays are coming up, too, and as slow as I am I better think of doing something for them instead of doing anymore Valentine stuff.

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