Monday, January 26, 2009

Working on something

Knew I had been to the blog before but took forever to find it again last night. Yeah, should put stuff I may want to go back to later in history, shoot me, I didn't, but now the blog is in there ... lol It's a heart banner from
Freda's Hive. Perfect for next month and giving me a break from Doubtful Delight at the moment. Went to Aunt Mary's quilt shop today and got some black and white fabric, little of this, little of that and some border fabric that I'm hoping to use. This part worked up pretty quickly for a slow sewer like me ... haha Had to cut up the pieces and stuff so not counting that into it, it went quick. Now to make another heart block. Had thought about putting rick-rack around the heart. May buy some tomorrow and check to see how it looks.

Oh, and talk about sewing, I am definitely in love with the Pfaff I recently got!!! The Bernina still hasn't been packed up to take to get it fixed. Haven't found the time to do it or to get to the sewing place. Maybe next month? lol lol lol No biggie. Having loads of fun with the Pfaff. Got to name her. She's a keeper for sure! At least until I can get the other Pfaff ... hahaha Maybe I won't though. Time will tell. Haven't tried quilting on this one so will see how she does when the time comes.

Back to sewing. Got a little time before bed so will see how much I can get done.

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