Monday, January 19, 2009

Several things ...

I WON the drawing at Paper Panache for Mystery #49! Can't believe it. I seldom win
anything ... and that includes bingo lately ... lol Last night when I saw that I nearly had a slight heart attack, let me tell you! Awhile back I posted the blocks I had made. Well I don't think I posted the finished product ... here it is: It's a sewflake block ... ha The blocks of the other ladies who entered are beautiful ones. Think I recognize a name or two from some of the groups I belong to. They always do such splendid work.

After I found out I won I went outside to smoke. Was cold out so wanted my stocking hat. Couldn't find it. I was beyond myself. It's an extremely old ratty-tatty faded hat, but one that means the world to me. Before bingo this morning went to work place and there it was. I had left it at work. Yahooo ... have my hat back again. Happy day.

And yesterday my friend Eddie and I after she picked me up from work we went to Joann's. Was in search of a 3 ½" square ruler. They didn't have it ... again! Did get 3 yards of some of the prettiest large floral fabric I have seen in a long time. Now what to do with it? Couldn't pass it up, it called out to me ... haha Has my colors in it. Love it, love it, love it. Now for a pattern that isn't too "busy" so the border fabric will show. Any suggestions out there? Would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and came to an abrupt halt on Bonnie's mystery, Double Delight, when I found out I had messed up. BUT ... think I may go ahead with the pattern. May call mine Doubtful Delight or Single Delight since my centers aren't like they should be ... hahahaha
I was bummed at the time. I did make all those little tiny blocks. So, just well not waste my time, thread or fabric used in this quilt so far. It ain't too bad. Just not what Bonnie gave us. Next time she gives us a mystery, going to read the pattern up, down, sideways and even inbetween the lines so I will have a finished project that matches the pattern ... haha


Anonymous said...

Hello Mary Ann! Well I made it to your site. Very nice and warm. I watched TV today a historic day for our country. It was awesome! God bless America! We are all in this together as Americans and need to work and get along no matter what race, creed, or religion we fall under. At the store today Mama Parks said the lottery called and said someone won $10,000 pick 4. Do you have the tickey? 19-22-23-24 ? I think that was the #'s Well see ya later. Willyum

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Congratulations on your winnings!!! Wow I haven't been to Paper Panache in AGES!! So after reading your post I had to take a little visit! I haven't paper pieced in ages either!! I think I might try my hand at it again and partake in the next mystery! I will print off the next mystery and pick my fabrics this week! I love your block! This would make a nice snowflake quilt!

Quiltingly Yours